Monday, September 8, 2008

Doing the Snoopy Dance

Snoopy Dog Peanuts Comic Animated Avatars

That's right, folks! We got PA! That means China has given us to go-ahead to proceed with our adoption!

Here is our timeline so far:
8-28-08 Letter of Intent
9-8-08 PA

Now, please pray that everything on the US side starts flooding my social worker's mail box so we can really get rolling. Seriously, though. We do covet your prayers. This adoption is going to be quite different than Ellie's, I'm sure, but we look forward to what God has in store for us.


Mom said...

Look forward to reading your blog everyday. Love to keep up and see pictures. I am praying for the adoption process for your son (my grandson). Your little "play" was cute. She is a character but such a cutie!!

Erin said...

I know your son is already chosen for you but do you know what he looks like? Any pixs...I can't remember the sequence of events for China...I also know you are a China forum hacker and can find kids anywhere!!! Just curious :o)

We wish you the BEST!!

Take care,
Erin in FL

Debbie B said...

Details, girl!!

How very exciting.