Monday, September 8, 2008

Mom's New Hairbrush. Take One.

The Cast of Characters

One ratty, 1.5+ year old hairbrush that had a "comfort" gel handle that mysteriously began to get squished out after the first week of being owned. (Through no fault of its own...simply that it's Stretch Armstrong-like feel proved too tempting for a two year old.) It has since been bandaged with toilet paper, Dora bandaids, surgical bandaids, tape, and now is currently wrapped in bandaging tape.

One fabulously put together and perfectly coiffed Mom

Annie: a spunky, sassy, 3.5 year old with lots of dramatic flair
and a messy mop of blonde hair

One shiny new hairbrush

Annie: Mom, why did you get a new hair brush?

Mom: Because somebody squeezed all the squishy stuff out of my old brush.

Annie: Oh, I'm sorry. (Big smile) But didn't you know there was a monster in it? I squeezed all the monster out.

Mom: Really? I had no idea there was a monster in my brush! Thank you so much, Annie.

Annie: No problem, Mom. You're welcome. (Begins to head out of the room, but turns back around to say...) Glad I could be of help!

P.S. Just have to add that after I took Annie's picture she said, "That's a good one!" Good grief, that girl is cute!

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Erin said...

That Annie is too funny!!

"Slow down Guy" is one of our favorite and often quoted sayings. Do you remember that from the Christmas lights ride?

I check in on your blog a lot. You all look great and look like your enjoying your new setting.

Take care and wish you well,
Erin in FL