Sunday, May 25, 2008

Evergreen Pictures

Majestic Mountains

We have seen so many amazing things in the short time we've been in Colorado! And now that we're done househunting, we can really get out and enjoy it. The kids have had so much fun hiking (for you seasoned hikers, you'd just call it "a walk" but for those of us living in isolated subdivisions with landscaped pathways, we call it hiking) and rock climbing. The topography here is just so beautiful and different from anything we've ever experienced...we're just eating it up! One day, we went down to Castle Rock, and the kids went all the way to the top. After getting about a third of the way up, I went back down with Annie and Ellie and let them play in the meadow that just had little hills and they had so much fun gathering pine cones.

The next day, we went to Evergreen and walked around the lake, and then up into the rocks where all the kids really got into rock climbing. I even scaled some of afraid of heights! We visited Red Rocks, and the amazing campus of Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, as well as several of the local parks/playgrounds.

Today was, hands-down, the best though. We went to Estes Park. We stopped at a local playground to let the girls play for a while, skipped all the neat touristy-type shops downtown (which looked really fun, btw) and then went to Rocky Mountain National Park. Upon entering, we saw prairie dogs for the firt time, a deer ran across the road in front of us, went high enough for the kids to play for a few minutes in the snow, which they haven't seen for years, and then went down and ate a picnic amidst hundreds of elk, and even two wolves, which an elk eventually ran out of the area.

I can't take any pictures any more since my camera battery died, but I have a few from Red Rocks and Evergreen that I'll post.

Blessings to all!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I am seriously the world's worst blogger! I haven't updated in a month, but that's because it's been non-stop here. A little dh works out of Denver, but we live in Florida. Our house has been on the market, but the housing market is really slow now after the boom we had three years ago. Right after my last post, we had decided to pull the house off the market, stay in Florida, and deal with Bo's traveling back and forth for work for another year, hoping the housing market would come back a little by then. He had just cleared it with his HR...and less than an hour later, we got an offer. For the rest of the week, we negotiated back and forth with the buyers and finally came to an agreement, and sold the house.

It was then time to line up movers, have house inspections, wood inspections, appraisals, and a garage sale! Whew...all done!

We've been here in Denver looking for our new home since Saturday. It's been a lot harder than I was expecting...trying to find a home that would work for our family. After a couple bidding wars, on two different homes, we finally have a new address! Now we can finally kick back and enjoy getting to know the area we will soon call home.

We'll be back in Florida soon for just three short weeks, and plan to soak up as much beach time as possible!

Blessings to all!