Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Hundred Good Wishes Quilt

Okay...this post is a little lame without an accompanying picture, but...Ellie's quilt is DONE! It was such a blessing to receive squares and wishes for our new little girl, and I was able to piece the quilt together before going to China, but it has been put away since then. I really didn't know how to put it all together, and was very intimidated and afraid of ruining Ellie's beautiful quilt. My good friend, Lindsay (who also happens to be our pastor's wife) quilts, and she came over Thursday night to help me finish it. She even brought her sewing machine over (which is SUCH a cool machine, btw!) Turns out, she pretty much sewed the whole thing for me, because I was *very* slow (in my defense, she doesn't use a presser foot, just a button that you push--very newfangled.) Anyways...the quilt is DONE, and it's beautiful, and I'm so thrilled to have this gift to give to Ellie. I'm also thrilled to have had my dear friend have such a big part in making it for her.

Oh, and the reason there is no picture is that I brought my camera upstairs today to take a picture of it, and the packers had already packed it and sealed up the box. I'll get a picture on here once we get moved and I unearth it again.

I actually feel like I could do more quilting now, though. Lindsay is a great teacher! I doubt I'll ever hand piece and quilt like my mother, but I may take on a new project in the coming months.

Headstrong for Him-Clay's Blog

Okay...before another day passes, I need to invite you to Clay's blog. (He's our oldest son, for anyone who may not know our whole family.) Clay is much better about adding stuff regularly to his blog, and is much more interesting than me! Oh, but fair may want to turn down your speakers. He normally has music on his site!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We're so blessed!

We are part of an amazing body of believers! Our church had an awesome going away party for our family at a local park. It just so happened that the choral group, Majesty, from The Master's College in Santa Clarita, CA was in town on tour. Our pastor is an alumni, and arranged for them to come and sing at the party!!!! I mean, speakers set up in the park overlooking the river while the sun is setting behind them...good stuff! We chose to have two of the girls stay here at our house, as well, and were privileged to get to know them a little....just charming, beautiful girls with hearts for the Lord. I'll try to link this to their website so you can go check them out!