Friday, January 16, 2009

Four Generations

The day after Christmas, we left for Ohio to see family. We visited my Grandma Schmucker, and were able to get a four generation photo for a beautiful picture frame my mom gave me. I'm not sure what Clay and I are looking at though, but it seems to be something on the ceiling...either that or the person who took the photo must have been sitting down :)

(I'm going to try adding the photo tomorrow...I've tried multiple times, and it just isn't happening.)

Okay...Day Two of trying to add this picture, and it just ain't happening :(

Annie's 4th Birthday

Annie was really excited about her princess dress-up clothes, and of course, had to change into her new purple princess dress. (Ellie snatched up the pink one as quick as could be.

Annie's purple cake had more of a bluish hue, but she was still tickled with it. (After all, Ellie had an all pink birthday, so Annie wanted an all purple birthday...her favorite color by default since Ellie claims everything pink that we get.)

It was a wonderful, stay at home and play happy birthday!

(The pictures post in reverse order...cake first, then presents, but I'm too lazy to change them. Remember, if you click on the photos they will enlarge. I highly recommend clicking on the one of the cake being presented to Annie. Take a look at Ellie's (whose face is hidden by the cake) fingers!)

Huge hiatus...

Sorry it's been so long. I actually worked 20 some odd hours/week from the week before Thanksgiving right up to Dec. 23rd at Bo's company. We figured it was doable for a very short period of time, but it was definitely a busy time for us. It was nice to have some extra money towards the adoption, though, so it was worth the sacrifice.

Enough about, right! Here's a cute one of Annie & Elle....