Friday, January 16, 2009

Four Generations

The day after Christmas, we left for Ohio to see family. We visited my Grandma Schmucker, and were able to get a four generation photo for a beautiful picture frame my mom gave me. I'm not sure what Clay and I are looking at though, but it seems to be something on the ceiling...either that or the person who took the photo must have been sitting down :)

(I'm going to try adding the photo tomorrow...I've tried multiple times, and it just isn't happening.)

Okay...Day Two of trying to add this picture, and it just ain't happening :(


Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Hey...where in Ohio did you visit? Next time let's try to meet!!!

Glad you had a nice visit with all the family.

Nikki said...

Hi! I just read almost your whole blog and your entire adoption journal :) My parents live in Mongolia and have been to China several times. While there, they've met lots of first-time adoptive parents. I know my Mom would love to read your journal!