Monday, September 22, 2008

My baby is sixteen & I lost my job!

September 16th....My oldest baby turns 16! We officially celebrated Clay's birthday the weekend before by going climbing and hiking at Castlewood Canyon, then going out for pizza, but celebrated with cake and ice cream on his actual birthday. Oh, and speaking of position has been downsized, outsourced, I've been let go. Clay asked Mary to make his birthday cake this year. (WoooHOOOO!) And not just any cake. He wanted a checkerboard cake. Think Vans Old Schools. She is one messy baker, but she got the job done. Clay loved his cake (and I loved not having to bake it!)

The checkerboard cake is taking shape

Clay being a 16 year old goob

The finished product

Obligatory picture of the blowing out of the candles :)


Janet said...

YUM! Your boy is HUGE! I am gonna cry when my first child turns sixteen! LOL!

Kelly & Matt said...

Wow, I bet time flies.. Looks like the cake was a success :o) Sorry about your job, will keep you in my prayers!

~~~~ Winding Vines ~~~~ said...

Hi Clay this is Sarah. Your birthday looks fun! But one picture scares me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Well, Happy Belated Birthday to Clay! What a great and good looking young man you have on your hands! The cake is awesome, I'll have to bribe my girls into baking the next birthday cake which will be mine!! :)