Friday, September 5, 2008

My Beautiful Torment

Look at this amazingly beautiful pear. It, and many others just like it are growing in my back yard. I wake up disappointed each day though when I see so many of them laying on the ground. I feel them on the tree, and they just aren't ripe. I've googled the tar out of "growing pear trees" and other searches like that to try to figure out how we can enjoy this blessing right from the yard. I've read that the pears don't ripen on the tree, but that once it begins to feel soft by the stem is the perfect time to pull it off. Then, to speed the ripening, you can place it in a paper bag. I assure you...I am out there checking these pears everyday. They still don't feel soft AT ALL. Still, I pick some, and try the paper bag trick, but edible pears.
Oh, wait...I did happen upon one pear that seemed to have softened enough to cut up. Unfortunately, that suspicious brown spot on the skin was exactly what I was hoping against hope that it wasn't...a worm. The inside was....YUCK! The cold weather is coming, and I fear I'm going to lose all the pears to either dropping on the ground, or not being ripe before the frost sets in and does them all in.
I had such vision for these pears. Pears with chocolate dripped over them, pear cobbler, pear salad, pear muffins. *sigh* Anybody know anything about pears?

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PletcherFamily said...

Congratulations on Forever Family day! She looks wonderful and getting so big! I follow your blog faithfully. :)
And congrats on the paperchase - can't wait to hear more!! From China???