Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our meeting with XiaoMei went so well! She is a sweet, quiet girl, and very pretty...such a sweet smile. We had a pretty quick appointment at the local CCAA office, during which she was obviously very quiet, and I’m sure scared and quite shell-shocked after her 3 hour car ride. It wasn’t until the directors of her swi left that she started to cry. We left the office, having signed the harmonious bonding period papers, and then went straight to the Carrefore shopping center to get her some necessities, like clothes, and shoes, as well as some fun things for her.
It became quickly apparent that XiaoMei is a girly-girl! Her favorite color is yellow, and she loves hair pretties. We were all getting pretty hungry, so we finished up shopping (after 1.5 hours) and went to the noodle shop right next to the hotel. Jane, our guide, left us there with meals ordered and plans to meet up at 6 PM to head out for dinner.
After lunch, we went back to our room for some “getting to know you” time. Even though we don’t speak the same language, we managed to have a nice afternoon, going through XiaoMei’s new things, doing Barbie hair (XiaoMei is good at braiding hair) and coloring. She even let me paint her nails! XiaoMei and I then watched a dvd we had bought her of a famous Chinese musician/actor and BaBa took a nap. I even got a laugh out of XiaoMei by making fun of Bo’s snoring!
At 6:00, we headed out with Jane for some dinner and it was actually cool out, so we bought XiaoMei a sweater. The area around the Confucius Temple is lit up, as are many of the pagodas, and it’s just beautiful. We’re now back in the room, XiaoMei is getting a shower, and I’m planning on hitting the hay. I’m exhausted! But thrilled with how things are going, so far.
Night, y’all!

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Mom to my China Posse said...

Dana, I can't wait to see pictures. Sounds like everything is going well. When you mentioned nanchang it reminded me of when we first met at the civil affairs office and how our girls were greiving. Annah is doing wonderful now! Kathy Lowe