Thursday, June 4, 2009

Seven Kids!

I wish I could write a glowing report of how today went; however, that would be a lie. Knowing what I know about Kunming though, I was prepared for this.
We met and finalized YunLong's adoption today, much to his chagrin. (He has been in the same foster home for 8 years.) The orphanage staff showed up at his foster home today and took him. They told him they were taking him to the city (he lives just outside in the suburbs) to go to a park and that they would bring him home later. He had NO idea he was being adopted, and was completely lied to, to boot. He never even got to say goodbye to his foster mama and baba, or his older foster older brother who is a police officer and a sister who is getting married soon. The nanny (who is a virtual stranger to YunLong, herself) was very mean to him...yelling at him and threatening him if he didn't stop crying and asking for his foster family (at the police station where Jane, our awesome guide, convinced them to use the faxed copy of our TA, which they normally won't do.) She also let the nanny know that that was not the way to talk to him, and comforted him and assured him nothing bad would happen for crying.
The afternoon was quite difficult. He's grieving hard, of course. That being said, I did get him to laugh some this evening, showing him photos on the computer and even a video of Bo singing on the Wii Guitar Hero game. He is smart as a whip, and the cutest (and tiniest) boy. He did give us a real scare earlier today at the Carrefore (like Walmart) store. As soon as we arrived, he took off running up the escalator/ramp thing. Fortunately, he stopped at the top, and was just being a boy...looked like something fun to do. He went in and took his shower tonight and got in his pj's, but came out sobbing again, crying that he wanted to go home with his mama and baba. We feel so bad for him. What is already a terribly difficult thing, was made so much more difficult by what they did to him.
Kara XiaoMei is sweet as can be. She is helpful and independent, but not in a bossy way. She smiles her beautiful smile at us, and so enjoys going shopping and clothes and all things pretty. What a delight!
Please, continue to pray for our little guy. He's hurting so bad.


Debbie B said...

Oh my!!! My heart is breaking for that little boy. But, I feel assured that your family will love him to wholeness. ((Dana and Bo)) Praying harder. Clay had posted on FB that things weren't going great. I am so very sorry.

connie said...

Oh, your poor boy - and poor Mom and Dad. It will take time, but he will come around. Very sad the way it was handled. We are praying for you. Ummm, where are the pictures ;-)

Sherrie said...

Dear Dana and family,

My heart is breaking for Yun Long and for you as well. You all are in my prayers.

Ruth said...

Praying! So sad at the way it was handled. He is in good hands and in time he will know it!

Nicole Vowles said...

What a heart-breaking situation. It sounds like your guide was really helpful, thankfully. I'm sure once he understands more about what is happening and sees your kindness and love, he will be okay. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way :)


Kevin, Debbi and Sarah said...

Dearest Bodo Family,

Sending love and hope across the miles. It is so hard to understand why an SWI would handle things in such a way. We know you are doing the very, very best that can be expected with the situation and everything you can think of to help comfort your children. You are GREAT parents!

Debbi, Kevin and Sarah

Lisa said...

Dana I am just now reading this and you guys are definately in my prayers. What a horrible way to meet his new family. Praying for him to start accepting his new family and for him to be able to grieve properly