Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, XiaoMei!

Monday, June 8th is Kara XiaoMei's 14th birthday! We celebrated by heading to Green Lake Park and renting a motor boat (as opposed to the paddle boat we got the other night.) There were also bumper car rides, although XiaoMei chose to not do them this time. We had a pretty quiet afternoon in our hotel room, waiting for our notary papers to arrive, but finally celebrated with cake (actually strawberry mousse) and opening presents. If you look closely at the picture, you'll see it's garnished with not cherries, but cherry tomatoes! Our evening was really fun though. We stayed out later than we have any other night here so far. We shopped for more shoes for XiaoMei, as well as a new skirt.
We discovered that we were within easy walking distance of Walmart, so we headed there for more clothes for YunLong, since he wasn't much in a shopping mood the day we got him. Tonight, he was all for it though, and was even mugging gangsta' style with the ballcaps. Dinner was below Walmart at KFC, and then back to the hotel for a very late night, drawing in the new books they got.
Tuesday, June 9th...I'm writing this from the Kunming airport, and our flight was just delayed one hour. We again took a walk around the park this afternoon; more basketball games, bumper cars, and lunch in the hotel room before we left for the airport. Not too much to post about, other than it's going really well. When we were getting ready to leave the hotel, YunLong asked our guide if we were leaving for the states! He's ready, and excited. XiaoMei, as always, is much more subdued. We'll get into Guangzhou and probably have a late dinner, maybe from Lucy's. We changed where we're staying though. At first, our guide and friends thought we'd be better off staying off Shamian since the kids are so much older and there's not much for them to do there. They thought they'd like the excitement and activity by the Holiday Inn Shifu. However, upon meeting and getting to know the kids, we all felt it better to be in an area that is far less crowded and where we can better keep an eye on XiaoMei (our independent girl) and YunLong (our monkey boy.)


Elizabeth said...

The white balls with the seeds on that cake are Dragon Fruit! It's a really pretty fruit if you ever see it whole - though it doesn't taste like much. I hope you tried some!

Dana said...

Hi Elizabeth! I LOVE dragon fruit! I was commenting on the tomatoes on top of the whipped cream puffs where we would normally see a cherry!