Friday, July 11, 2008

More wildlife

Okay...the decorations aren't getting put up, but I'm seeing lots of new & different wildlife here! We mostly just saw alligators, snakes, and dead armadillos in FL, but it's a whole new world out here in CO. We took the scenic route up to Evergreen this past weekend, and just as we were coming into town, a bunch of deer walked out in front of us. Thankfully, there were no cars behind us, so I was able to whip out the camera and get some shots.

Our next animal adventure hits a little closer to home. We had promised the kids that once we moved to a house that had a basement that we would again get a cat. Two cats, actually. Mary has been bugging us since before our furniture arrived. On Saturday night, we found three kittens who were littermates on Craigslist. When we called though, two of them were spoken for. We were only interested in littermates (so they'd be used to eachother), but the gal kept our number in case one of the people didn't follow through. Sure enough, we got home from church on Sunday to find a message on voicemail saying that she'd not heard back from the interested parties. Well...the gal talked to Bo, and she surely could see "sucker" tatooed across his forehead through the phone lines, because she brought all three to where we were meeting we "could choose." I said the prerequisite, "Oh, how sweet! How could we possibly choose?" Then, once the kids grabbed the first two and started loving on them, said, "Okay, looks like it's these two!" darling husband (who doesn't have to feed or poop scoop) pipes up with, "We could just take all three!" WHAAAAAAAAAAT? "No honey, really...three...that's a lot of cat to feed up and care for, spay, poop..." To which he replies, "It's just like kids. Once you have two, what's one more?" Pictures to follow (when I finally get a shot of them.)

Now for today's episode of Wild Adventures. A GIANT FOX ran through my back yard today!!! Actually, first he sauntered. I was sitting down in the family room at about 6:20 this morning, and Annie had just come down (yeah...she and Ellie have taken to getting up between 6 and 6:20 these days.) Out of the corner of my eye, through the french doors leading to the back patio, I see movement. I look over and see a HUGE fox! I double take, just to make sure it isn't a dog, but no...definitely a fox. Anyways, I stand up and point him out to Annie as I'm reaching for my camera (which just happened to be on the end table.) He waltzes across the back yard (which is only about 15 steps) and disappears by the pine trees and the shed. I'm panicking, because I'm afraid he's gone for good, so as I'm trying to get my dumb camera to power up, I undo the lock, thinking I'll just step out, and he'll have to come back into the open part of the yard. Well, he obviously heard the lock, because before I can even open the door, he runs back around flies up and over the fence by the shed, and is gone! This, by the way, explains how the feller got in to the yard in the first place. I had been wondering about that in the 5 seconds he was in the yard since every single yard in this town is fenced. And it's not like we're up in the mountains. We're in an area that definitely qualifies as urban sprawl, so I couldn't even imagine that a fox could be in this area to begin with. (Although, we did see the little fox when we were house hunting on a BUSY street in Littleton!) Crazy, huh?

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Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Hi, sounds like a managerie to me! Three kittens, I'd keep them close to home with all the wild things running around. :)

Hope you are getting settled.