Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Big Move (Part Two)

Day two of our drive to Colorado is pretty much a blur. We drove from Atlanta to St. Louis, and the only things I can recall from that day are driving through Nashville and stopping at a rest stop in Illinois (or was it Indiana?) They had a little park there, so we let the kids out for some sunshine and stretch your legs time.

Day three found us driving from St. Louis to Salina, KS. Let me just say...technology is for killing people. (That line is only funny if you watch "The Office.") See...we got this gps-thing for our househunting trip last month. It's real handy...you just punch in the address of where you want to go, and it will direct you there. The only problem is, it came preprogrammed to avoid tollroads. Unfortunately, we didn't realize this till after it rerouted us around St. Louis. For the $3 we probably saved in tolls, we got to add about an hour to our drive, which equals...hmmmm...about $15 bucks in gas! (Just as an aside...our kids named the gps Diablo prior to this, and it lived up to its name.) We did arrive in Salina though, safe and sound, and had fun swimming at the hotel with the kids. Oh...another side note. Salina was apparently hit by some nasty tornadoes a week or so prior, and the hotel had a bunch of boarded up windows, as they'd apparently gotten hit pretty hard. (Note to hotel developers...don't build your hotel next to a trailer park in KS...it's a sure bet that you'll get hit by a tornado.)

Day four...Kansas...Kansas...Kansas. Which reminds me of a joke. Why is Colorado so windy? Because Kansas sucks.

Okay...that was hateful. It doesn't suck. It just goes on forever. And there's nothing there. I can't say we weren't warned though. I just never could comprehend the nothingness that we'd experience. It started out with these beautiful, lush, rolling green hills, and I thought, "Yeah...not much here, but quite pretty." But just keep heading west, and it just gets flatter and duller. Oy! I did like the fields of windmills though, but apparently PETA wants those gone, because birds will fly through them and get decapitated. Oops! I'd have to imagine that it generates a lot of power though, with the wind sweeping across the plains and nothing (I mean NOTHING) to break it up.

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Debbie B said...

I am really enjoying reading about your trip. BTW, I will admit that I did laugh at your joke. (hanging my head)