Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Big Move (Part One)

Okay...Saturday, June 14th, the slackers, I mean packers, came to pack up all of our belongings. These guys left so much unpacked, and in fact, "finished" before lunch. (Although they did stick aroud to eat since Bo had gone to pick up Subway for all of them, expecting them to be working all day.) Sunday was great...church, last trip to The Loop with everybody after church, and then home to continue the packing that didn't get done (although they assured us the movers would finish up the packing) and then cleared out everything salvageable and took to our friend's house (thanks Skip and Laura!) for dinner. The movers showed up Monday, and it quickly became apparent that there was no way they were going to be done by 3:30, at which time we had to leave for closing.

The plan had been to have the truck all packed and leave for closing at 3:30 (which was located a half hour north in Jax), grab a quick bite, then drive about 5 hours up to Atlanta. Sure enough, the truck was not loaded (nor was everything even packed yet) so we left Clay there with the movers, and headed out, thinking they'd for sure be done by the time we had our closing, plus the hour round-trip drive. We arrived home, and the new home owners were there waiting (with their moving truck) and our movers were still several hours away from being done). To say it was stressful is a MAJOR understatement. I left, took Sam, Mary, Annie, and Ellie out for dinner, came back, and they STILL weren't done! A couple hours later, they finally had everything out of the house (though still not completely loaded on the truck) and we had to leave. We finally pulled into our hotel in Atlanta around 1 AM, and in bed by about 1:45.

Whew...long day!

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Debbie B said...

Oh my!! That kind of sounds like a nightmare. I hope that things are going smoother now.