Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Christy's Craft Challenge

A while back,before the craziness of late, I had entered some of my sewing projects in a contest on a site called Crafty Nation, and won a free month's subscription to Christy Nelson's Craft Challenge. Basically, Christy sends you a package containing different items, and you have to come up with something out of those items. You can add your own items to what you make, but you must use each component that was sent.

This month's featured floral scrapbook paper, blue fabric, silk flowers and leaves, floral wire, buttons, and hmmmm....I think that was everything. (Sorry, posting about a week after I made mine.) Anyways, I immediately saw a purse with a paper doll set.

Here's Ellie enjoying her new toy.

And Annie asked me, "Is it magical?"
That's all I need to hear! No matter what, if that's her reaction to it, I'd say I already won.

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