Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good Morning, Birthday Girl!!!!!

I always take a picture first thing in the morning on the kid's birthdays, and on August 5th, it was Ellie's turn! It's our first birthday with our sweet girl, and it was so special. For weeks, she's been waiting for this, and any time we brought up her approaching birthday, she would start in with a litany of "pinks."

"Pink birthday, pink cake, pink ice cream, pink baby, pink present."

So guess what we had? The pinkest birthday you've ever seen!

We started the day by taking the girls to Tiny Town. It's this whole little village of miniature houses all set up...perfect for two 3 year olds! The playground and the train ride were huge hits. Ellie found a pink house that she really liked, but Annie fell in love with the replica Addams Family house (complete with Addams Family characters in the windows!) Go figure.

(Notice the pink shirts? And the new hair bows for the pink birthday girl!)

Pink presents!

This is the Little Tykes vanity. The girls are so into doing hair and nails, and I got a great deal on this little set.

That's not only a baby, but a baby wearing a PINK outfit with Disney princesses on it! It doesn't get any better than that for our Disney-loving girl!

Ellie is totally in to sunglasses, but she has a bad habit of breaking them. Her birthday warranted another new pair, especially since I found a pink pair!

Annie & Ellie are teaming up to make Mary beautiful!

Time for pink cake with pink frosting.
Happy Birthday to You, Ellie!

Ellie needed no coaching when it came time to blow out the candles. She blew them all out before we even finished singing!

Ellie got her own little pink cake, with pink ice cream, of course!
We are so thankful that Ellie is home with us now, and we'll never have to miss another birthday with our precious Ellie Tian.


Shandra said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ellie.
I think Ellie and LuLu may be kindred spirits. LuLu turns 3 in Nov and has already started her pink list.

Debbie B said...

I loved this post!! The girls are both beautiful!

I like PINK, too.


Joanne said...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE! What a wonderful post :) She is changing and growing so much (in her pictures) and her birthday-day seems like a very special one!

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ellie!! :) Looks like she had a wonderful PINK day!!