Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aw, man!

Isn't this a cute wooden children's table and chairs set? Yeah...I thought so, too. Which is why I was so thrilled to find a set so similar at Goodwill for $14.99. It was unpainted, and I had visions of doing it up all cute and pretty (think lots of pink, polka dots, colorful Mary Englebreit-like) for the girls to put out in their "playhouse," which is the storage shed in the backyard. Let me back up a little....Upon entering a thrift shop, I always make a beeline for the furnishings and home goods, because you never know when you might stumble upon a really great piece. (Not that this actually happens when I shop, but there are many urban legends swirling about that give me hope that it might happen.) I've been wanting a little table and chair set for the girls, and lo, and behold, there was the perfect set, right there waiting for me. I was almost shaking as I hailed the closest male Goodwill employee and asked if he could take this to the front for me and mark it sold. He assured me with a smile that he'd do it, and promptly carted off the table and one of the chairs. I waited with the other three till he came back and scooped them up as well. Two other lady employees happened by and remarked on my good fortune, as it had just been set out and they knew it wouldn't have been there long.

I continued meandering up and down the aisles with a smile on my face, not caring whether or not I found any cute cold weather clothes for the kids (my *real* reason for being there, since none of them have any long sleeve shirts and we were caught off guard when cold weather blew in last week). We were able to find some cute items, so I was feeling victorious as I headed for the cash registers. My pace quickened as I got closer to the front and could not spot my table and chairs. Mary was bugging me as to where our table could be, and I was quick to reassure her that it must be outside already, trying not to betray what I truly suspected. Sure enough, I unload the clothes, and let the gal know that I also would be purchasing the cute children's table and chair set that the nice employee already brought up and marked sold for me. Her countenance fell....then she asked if there had been two sets, or if I'd already purchased it, taken it out, and then come back in to shop some more. (Huh???) I assured her that no...I did not already purchase it, but that it had been brought up front for me and marked sold. She and another employee that happened by at this point start saying, "Uh, oh....I'll bet...oh no." That's right...they sold it to someone else. My table that I'd already envisioned painting just as cute as can be, with little girl tea parties on it was gone.

I'll be remembering this shut-out for a long time to come.


Elizabeth Bergeron said...

My sympathy is with you! :( I found a new easle at Goodwill while in Ct. for Emma. Yep, still in the box, wooden from Imaginarian (sp) and I got it for $14.99 less 20%, senior citizen. :) I found a few cute clothes and jeans too!! Love to shop there! :)

Shandra said...

I am a thrift store junkie. Our goodwill has half priced Wednesday and we hit it at least twice a month! My kids think it is great. Lilly is amazed at some of the treasures that people get rid of! :)

Sorry you were snubbed on the table though. That is always a bummer.

erin said...

Oh my goodness, Dana. What a complete let down. I am so sorry. Go to Michaels. They have a great table and chairs set (only 2 chairs), but you can paint it however you want. It is around 25.00. Such a bummer, though. Thinking of you. Hope you are well.