Monday, March 3, 2008


We're all in awe today that Ellie Tian has been a member of our family for six months. In some regards, it seems like we just went to China, but mostly, it's as if she's always been here and always been with us. I will never forget the labor pains of waiting for her, of traveling and seeing her for the first time as we walked into the Civil Affairs office. I will always remember how she strained against me, fighting against her birth into our family. And yet gently, quietly, she became a part of us all. A daughter, a sister. Each of our children is so special and unique, and each story is worth sharing and remembering, but today, we rejoice that Ellie is with us now and forever. I am blessed beyond measure.

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Bobby & Regina said...

Dana, I can't believe it's been 6 months!! Haven't they flown by? I agree, sometimes it's hard to remember life without our newest addition! You all look wonderfully happy, and I can't believe how Ellie's hair has grown!! She is adorable, and I know you are so proud of all of your kids - I love the pull-ups pics! Emma is ready to train too. We have to get together again! Maybe next spring if you are still in FL. We hope to be traveling again in about 4 months, so we probably won't make any other major trips this year. Love, Regina